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Luxury Lofts for sale in a Converted Factory in Rabassa, Gracia

Posted by admin-urbane-group on May 6, 2021


Luxury Lofts for sale in a Converted Factory in Rabassa, Gracia Barcelona

Urbane is pleased to present Luxury lofts in converted factory in Gracia – bear witness to the transformation of an old industrial building in the Gràcia neighbourhood of Barcelona. We will be offering 11 luxury apartments that will be made into incredible post industrial homes inside an inspiring building on Rabassa Street, Gracia.

Situated on a corner, this building has attractive high windows comprised of many smaller windows set into the old style thick walls. The developer intends to maintain as many of the older features as possible, lending the properties an airy, loft feel without sacrificing any elements of luxury. Each property will also benefit from the latest in ecological and “passive” building. Solar panels, modern thermal materials and the very best windows will ensure the best possible energy saving and rating.

Gràcia has long been a popular destination for investors and people looking for a base in Barcelona. Up to now there has been a shortage of upgraded, modern properties. Now these 11 luxury Gracia apartments signify the very finest Barcelona real estate is available for you.

We would urge you to hurry, however, as properties like this go fast in Barcelona. In 2016 we sold all the apartments in a building like this in less than 8 weeks and the demand for good real estate product in Barcelona is driving prices upward as the supply is so limited.

For more information on these 6 luxury apartments in Rabassa in Barcelona please contact Urbane today.

Our Urbane team will be happy to help you find the house of your dreams. We have a large collection of real estate in Barcelona.


Refurbished Industrial Building in Gracia, Barcelona


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