Gorgeous brand-new apartment in Sants-Montjuïc



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This apartment offers you a living space adorned with natural light and ecological air conditioning to make the air you breathe more pleasant and respects the environment in which you evolve. With a sleek style that contrasts an open daytime area with a nighttime area, you can enjoy the natural light and relax in a in a contemporary space. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the sun on the top floor of the building, enjoying the fresh air of the city, on a shared terrace of 71m2 decorated with plants of all kinds or in the greatest tranquility around on dedicated balcony.

Fully equipped, this apartment will allow you to enjoy a warm living space, with a complete opening on the modern kitchen where sober colors and wood blend wonderfully. You can then enjoy a coffee with friends or family, letting the natural light offered by the large windows illuminate your day.

The first room looks like a little piece of paradise, the mix between the golden color of the wood on the floor and the light gray tones present on the walls and furniture form a perfect combination between classic and urban and improve the general atmosphere of the room. The ceiling tall windows will allow you to take a break on your balcony and enjoy a peaceful environment. The bathroom, equipped with a huge Italian shower and two black basins that contrast with the light reflected by the mirror will certainly offer you an oasis in which you can relax.

The second room, slightly simpler but still in the same luminous color tones, offers you an optimization of the space thanks to a single bed inserted in the recess of a wall decorated with storage boxes. Featured with a thick wooden desk and a more rustic chair, the room offers a perfect blend of classy and urban.

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