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Posted by Urbane International on August 31, 2022

A Bright Event In Barcelona

Every year in August, the streets of the Gracia area in Barcelona come alive for a week during a fiesta that transforms the barrio. The essence of the Gracia festival is that each district competes for the main prize, which is given to the most beautifully decorated street. Decorative elements fill every corner of the Gracia district. They are true handmade works of art made by the area’s residents. All shades and shapes fill the area’s streets, so these days the residents of the area are immersed in art and can enjoy the spectacle. Each street chooses one theme for decorations.

                                                                                   History of Fiesta de Gracia

A distinctive feature of the Festival de Gracia is the street decoration competition. This tradition dates back to 1939 when the Spanish Civil War ended. To cheer up the population, which survived four years of the most terrible war, the residents of Gracia decided to arrange a competition for the most original street decoration. This idea immediately appealed to the population. The Official Celebration Committee was created, organising the match as a mandatory festival event. The primary motivation for participation in the competition was a cash reward to the residents of the winning street.

                                                                                      Fiesta de Gracia today

Today, the festival in the Gracia area is a viral event that attracts many tourists and the local population. The place becomes a continuous festival site for seven days of the holiday. In the morning, in the evening and at night, the streets are packed with visitors who choose which street they like more, drink sangria, try different Catalan dishes and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.


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