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Liking the Old – Loving the New!

Posted by Urbane International on May 6, 2021

Transforming the past to enjoy the future

We are often asked the same questions regarding refurbished properties that are for sale in Barcelona or in Lisbon. The main thrust of customers questions concern the value for money when buying something refurbished – after all a refurbished property in Barcelona is not strictly a new build but it’s also not strictly a new build – and what might be considered “normal” in terms of refurbishment time, delivery and so on.

In terms of the value for money we are firm believers in the value that is added and therefore created with the properties that are sold. There is a frank shortage of new properties, so the only way the housing market can progress is by taking what already exists and improve it, then you have a good amount of refurbished properties for sale in Barcelona. The good news is that there are some wonderful buildings in Barcelona and also in Lisbon that are practically perfect in architectural terms and inside may have wiring, plumbing and other installations dating as far back as the 50s or even the 20s.

Adding a lift to a building in almost any part of Barcelona means a significant increase not only in the ability to sell but also in value. Taking the trouble to recover the original flooring, ceilings and other featrues also result in a tremendous increase in value. It is no secret that people are willing to pay much higher prices for these wonderfully updated classic properties.

The timing for delivery should be carefully looked at but often a longer delivery time can enhance the investment. In the last 18 months we have seen an increase in property values in Barcelona of more than 20%. If you are able to access a property that is under refurbishment in a large project and the timing is beyond a year then the return on investment can be increased as you will not have to complete on the property for some time – ie you do not have to pay the full price till completion.

Finding the Extraordinary

How? Simple. We walk the streets of Barcelona and Lisbon, admiring the buildings and constantly searching for the next  project we can offer to our clients.

in 2016 we saw an increase in demand from many countries for refurbished properties in Barcelona. More than 50 customers made the decision to purchase a refurbished property with us enabling Urbane International Real Estate to become one of the leading exponents of refurbished properties. Our product team are expert in assisting clients so that the process can be as exciting and inspiring as it should be. Therefore, they will be happy to help you find the house of your dreams. We have a large collection of real estate in Barcelona.

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