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The Spain Golden Visa Program – your ticket to the EU!

Invest in Spain/Barcelona and get your EU Residence Permit!
Spain Golden Visa – the fastest way to get your residency in the European Union!

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The Golden Visa Program is a special initiative of the Spanish government aimed at attracting foreign investment into the country. In exchange for investing in state bonds, certain companies, and real estate in Spain, non-EU residents get a quick and straight forward way to obtain an EU residence permit.

Step-by-Step Guide to Spain’s Golden Visa Program:

1. Eligibility Assessment: The first step involves a comprehensive assessment of eligibility. Investors need to choose an appropriate investment option, such as real estate, capital investments, or job creation initiatives, and ensure they meet the specified financial thresholds.

2. Investment Process: Once eligibility is confirmed, investors proceed to make the qualifying investment. For real estate, this often involves purchasing properties with a minimum value of €500,000. Capital investments may include stocks, bonds, or depositing funds in Spanish financial institutions.

3. Application Submission: With the investment made, applicants submit their Golden Visa application to the Spanish consulate in their home country. Along with the application form, they must provide supporting documents, such as proof of investment, background checks, and health insurance.

4. Temporary Residency (Year 1): Upon approval, investors receive a one-year Golden Visa, granting them temporary residency in Spain. During this period, they can freely travel within the Schengen Area and experience life in Spain.

5. Renewal (Years 2-5): Investors can apply for a two-year renewal after the first year, and subsequent renewals grant five years of residency each. To renew, investors must demonstrate that they have maintained the qualifying investment and have met Spanish tax obligations.

6. Permanent Residency (Year 5): After holding the Golden Visa for five years, investors are eligible to apply for permanent residency. This status allows individuals to live in Spain indefinitely, even if they choose not to pursue Spanish citizenship.

7. Citizenship Application (After 10 Years): For those seeking Spanish citizenship, they can apply after ten years, with at least five of those years spent under the Golden Visa program. Citizenship applications involve additional requirements, such as language proficiency and cultural integration.

Duration to Obtain Golden Visa: The timeline to obtain the Golden Visa can vary. The initial processing of the visa application typically takes a few months. However, the overall duration depends on factors like the specific consulate’s workload, completeness of application documents, and any potential delays in the approval process. In practice, investors should plan for several months from the initiation of the application process to obtaining the Golden Visa.

Note: It’s crucial to stay updated on any changes in legislation or program requirements, as these may impact the application process and eligibility criteria. Consulting with legal professionals specializing in immigration and investment in Spain is recommended for a smoother and more accurate application process.

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