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Is it worth living in Barcelona?

Posted by Laia Mataro on March 8, 2023

Is it Worth living in Barcelona? I guess every one of us goes around in life wondering whether or not they are making the right decisions…Is it ok to change my clothes style 180 degrees? Should I enroll in another university? Would going on this trip be a good idea? 

Talking about living in Barcelona now, when Spain has such a wide palette of options, one certainly begs the question if it is worth living here. Seville has a passionate flamenco embedded in its veins, but no sea around it, Madrid is classic and elegant, but it stands between two extreme temperatures during the summer and the winter while Bilbao is small and neat, but has a different climate. Then, why would Barcelona be worth it? 

As written in another blog on our page about buying a property in Barcelona, everything good comes with a dark side and Barcelona is no exception. This metropolis might seem on a Friday evening overwhelming, especially if you stand in Plaza Catalunya, surrounded by the traffic and people. However, we have good news also. Just like the many circles of pigeons united in the same plaza, you will feel free here and have the liberty to spread your wings and fly.

Professional Real Estate for living in Barcelona

Firstly, the amazingly developed transportation system of Spain allows you to escape near Barcelona in places like Sitges or Terrassa. Furthermore, Barcelona has the amazing proximity to both the Mediterranean and the mountain, making it so simple to run away from the urban scene and emerge in nature. Also, once you live here for a bit, you will learn to avoid tourist places and find many secret spots that you can frequent. 

Secondly, Barcelona has many restaurants and bars, and it will take eons for you to try all of them. Just like Ernest Hemingway said, ‘’ As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture, and as I drank their cold liquid from each shell and washed it down with the crisp taste of the wine, I lost the empty feeling and began to be happy and to make plans.’’

Thus, in the land of seafood and liquid emerald olive oil, as well as sensational meat and fresh fruits and vegetables almost all year round, there is just no way that you won’t be culinary satisfied. What is more, is the price aspect which is lower than in other European cities, with lunch menu prices between 10 and 15 euros.

Moving to Barcelona, a city full of culture

The architecture and high number of cultural spots such as monuments, museums and sights will blow your mind. Almost around every corner there is a new place you have yet to discover and admire. The prices of museums for example, compared to many other big European cities, are up to 50% less expensive, so every person who starves for culture will feel like they stepped in paradise. Moreover, throughout the whole year there are several events you can attend and various promotions and discounts to sights. 

Barcelona has a whole promenade that starts near the sea and ends in Gracia. On La Rambla you will find souvenirs, supermarkets, and many places where you can eat and on Passeig de Gracia there is a wide variety of stores that are both accessible and luxury. There are also many shopping centers and other shopping streets with both known brands and local shops that will enchant you. Therefore, you have what to choose from.

Nightlife: Chose between relax and fun while living in Barcelona

Barcelona is the New York of Europe and evidence of this is found in the fact that if you are a night owl, you will certainly have what to do here as many places stay open from dusk till dawn. From rooftop terraces to bars and clubs, the nightlife of Barcelona is great for anyone seeking thrill or just looking to meet up with friends. If you are social and interested in always staying outside the house, then Barcelona has you covered as the party here never ends. Despite the lifelines of the city, there is also plenty of peace sprinkled in the city, not only in the Zona Alta, but also on various narrow streets, so you can have a long, good night sleep. 

The life quality in Barcelona is great. A big emphasis is put on health though the well structured health system and the facilities the city provides. Security here is fantastic, Barcelona ranking 4th the safest city in Europe. Further, there are various leisure activities you can engage in, for all tastes, from yoga to dances, music, sports, courses, backpacking and social gatherings. 

Are the people of Barcelona friendly?

People in Barcelona are distinct, varying from locals from all over the country, Catalan people and of course, internationals. The silver lining is that no matter the origins of the people you meet in the city, everyone here will welcome you with a smile and a good word. Here, dreams and fairy tales come true, as you might just find love while sitting at a corner café and engaging in a conversation with a stranger or making friends for life while enjoying a beer at a bar. 

Choose the best neighborhood of Barcelona

Barcelona is made of many neighborhoods with different styles and characters. If you wish to enjoy a tranquil life in a more secluded area, but still close to the city, head towards Sarrià, Sant Gervasi or Pedralbes. If you wish to experience a true typical barrio, buying a property in El Raval is the solution and if you have a bohemian personality then Gothic or El Born might be it for you. If you long to be as close to the sea as possible, La Barceloneta and Poble Nou are the spots for you and if your desire is to be close to the heritage spots of Montjuic then purchase a property in Poble Sec. 

So, is it worth living in Barcelona?

So, coming back to the main question, is living in Barcelona worth it? It depends on the person, but if you are a lover of good food, friendly people, great weather, culture, and heritage, as well as nature and city life both, then Barcelona is definitely worth it. 

Barcelona is filled with the scent of the sea and mystical architecture taken from wild dreams that Gaudi had as he envisioned a utopian map of the city. The perfume of  fruity sangria travels through the air of Plaza Real and La Rambla and invites you to savor it while watching a passionate dance of Flamenco and consider how magical and miraculous it is to be alive in such a glorious city. 

Climb towards the mountain peak of Tibidabo and let the sacristy of this area bring you internal joy. From here, you can look towards the sea and, like the Mediterranean, you will notice the infinite choices standing in front of your eyes. A whole puzzle of options constitutes the city and makes it into what it is today:  a little corner of heaven on earth, possessing an uncanny resemblance to paradise itself.  

What used to be a rough diamond is now an eternal crown jewel which will shine forever in the rays of sun during the day and in the moonlight at night. This poetic and artistic city welcomes everyone, belongs to everyone while having a deep identity of its own and can become a home for you in no time. 

So yes, putting everything on a scale, Barcelona life is, without a doubt, worth it. 

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