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Is moving to Barcelona a good idea?

Posted by Laia Mataro on December 13, 2022

Moving in general is a tough decision, especially if we move from one country to another.  However, moving to Barcelona is always a good idea. The dream city offers more than enough reasons to buy a property and move.

To begin with, any nature lover will feel at home here. Situated between the glowing turquoise Mediterranean Sea and Montseny mountain, Barcelona breathes between urban life, mountain air and sea fragrance. Spain’s most significant port is situated here along with various sunny beaches with soft, golden sand where you can relax and enjoy the great weather from May up until late October or even November, depending on the year. Concerning the mountains, you have a wide range of options. Only 37 kilometres away from Barcelona, Montserrat National Park whose name signifies ‘’serrated mountain’’ was baptised this way due to its limestone columns that create its form. This place is truly magical and an antithesis of itself, as you will feel both isolated, in the middle of wildness and surrounded by people. Its religious importance and famous monastery give the area a holy and peaceful spirit while the views and natural landscape will definitely take your breath away. North of Barcelona, at 50 kilometres distance lies another natural park, named Montseny. The mountains rise 1712 meters above sea level. If Montserrat is a religious sanctuary, Montseny is a romantic escapade. Bringing together three types of landscapes, Mediterranean, Euro Siberian and bore alpine, this place is highly seen, and a UNESCO-declared reserve. Between these tall forests and within this green paradise, you will find chapels, salt mines, inns and delicious food. Another oasis waiting to be uncovered is the Parc del Garraf, 30 kilometres away from the city. Here, nature runs wild and untamed creating a true masterpiece where you can unwind. “Plana Novella“, a modest palace located here was metamorphosed into a Buddhist monastery in 1996.

If I move to Barcelona… What is the weather like? And the atmosphere?

Driving back to the city, Barcelona has a great climate, with warm, sun-filled summers and mild winters. Rain is rare in Barcelona and snow you can only encounter in the mountains. Further, most winters have the sun shining and not too many clouds. In terms of nightlife, Barcelona is alive and full of life all year round in certain neighbourhoods, while others enjoy a more peaceful approach. If you seek entertainment, head towards Barceloneta where you have both clubs and restaurants open till late. New York is the ‘’city that doesn’t sleep’’ while Europe’s Barcelona naps in the evening and goes to sleep when the sun rises. Gracia is yet another neighbourhood where you can enjoy 1000 and 1 unique night. Here, just like in El Born, there is a bohemian flare and many nightclubs where you can have a great time. El Born has artistic vibes as well and many clubs, restaurants and bars are filled with energy. Finally, El Raval fits in the category of areas that brews with life all year, as it is always filled with energy, lights and entertainment.

In terms of education, Barcelona ranks high internationally, with universities existing since 1450 that offer many options in degrees and have been recognized worldwide as some of the best. If you are only looking into courses, the city has many schools and classes you can join where you can learn a new language and thrive. Further, the city educates you at every step, as it is home to some of the world’s greatest architectural wonders such as Sagrada Familia or Casa Batllo. The city has not been only Gaudi’s handiwork, but also of other artists such as Joan Miro, a Barcelona-born artist and a pillar of Surrealist art. It can be said then that through the veins of the city, art, culture and architecture flood. Moreover, Barcelona is a very important Spanish language publishing centre, hence it has its own ‘’Fiesta del Libro’’, an annual book party, normally celebrated on April 23.

If you want to stay fit all year, Barcelona provides you with the means to do so. You can go for a swim or a run around the beaches during the warm seasons and head towards a pool during the winter. Further, there are various spots where you can engage in climbing or biking and it is very likely that you will make fast friends in parks such as El Clot while joining a basketball, football or table tennis match. During the summer, you can go surfing, waterboarding, kayaking and more. And if you wish to be indoors while engaging in sports, there are many gyms throughout the city where you can make a subscription and enjoy the perks.

Culture comes out through every pore of the city in shapes of different neighbourhoods with their own style and charm, but also in terms of buildings, monuments and more. Being the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona possesses its own language and culture but has many Spanish elements. The culture here signifies food, nationalities, landmarks, museums and even football. Gastronomically speaking, the city offers many restaurants with delicious Spanish flavours, as well as Catalan options. If you are in the mood for a more international meal, you can opt for Italian, French, Chinese, Indian, Latin American or Eastern European restaurants which will leave your taste buds surprised and requiring more.

Where should I live in Barcelona? How can I buy a property in Barcelona?

Barcelona has a great quality of life. The city is safe and secure and has great healthcare services. The sixty cities’ quality of life is situated well in the social chapter as well, with people here being open, friendly and welcoming, a true example of hospitality. The cost of living is not as high as in other big European cities and there are plenty more benefits. In addition to human warmth, landscape, food and beverages, education and climate, the quality of life improves even more given the great mix of professional options.

If you are looking to buy a property in Barcelona, do not worry about means of transportation as the city is wired and offers everything from buses to metro, taxis, trains and more. What is more, Barcelona is eco-friendly, having banned old vehicles from the city and offering many cycling lanes in order to improve air quality. The city is dedicated to new technology, and you can attend many congresses and fairs focusing on this topic. You will find many ex-pats here and have the chance to get into contact with many cultures, however, if you prefer to integrate yourself into the community, rest assured that will not represent an issue as the Spanish identity runs deep and the Catalan style adds to the charm of the city.

Therefore, yes, moving to Barcelona is a great idea! Buying a property in Barcelona, living here and choosing to build a life here can only be a wise decision. This city, located between Besos and Llobregat rivers, is everything in one, all you could want and more. Buying a property in Barcelona is like living in an open museum, having everything at your disposal and an epic lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

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