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Your go-to guide for a wonderful Christmas in Barcelona

Posted by Urbane International on May 6, 2021

Your go-to guide for a wonderful Christmas in Barcelona

It’s almost that magical time of the year where the streets are filled with thousands of lights. The time when people are buying gifts, enjoying fancy dinners and are spending time in their homes with family and friends. It’s Christmas time!

Christmas in Barcelona is celebrated in style as locals and tourists love this magical and wonderful time.




From markets, to funfairs to a large ice-skating centre, there is plenty to do during Christmas time in Barcelona. Throughout the city there are amazing events and activities for everyone. Here are a couple of them:

Three kings parade

La Cabalgata de Reyes is the name of this magical parade held on the night of January 5th. In Spain, the presents are traditionally given by three kings and not by Santa Claus. Aside from the kings, there are fireworks, music and professional artists. All in all, it brings in a total of 12 floats and well over 1.000 participants. The perfect way to relive Christmas in Barcelona.

Copa de Nadal de Natació

Copa de Nadal de Natació is an open water swim in Barcelona. This Christmas harbour swim is one of Barcelona’s oldest sporting traditions (and probably one of the coldest as well). The Christmas swim starts and ends in the harbour by the Rambla de Mar. A total of 1170 swimmers divided over nine different categories will participate on 25th December at 12.00 noon.


Ice Rink

As Barcelona is unlikely to have snow during the Christmas period there are still enough activities to get you that more traditional Christmas feeling. Ice skating might be the activity for you. To try it out you can go to Roger de Flor 168 in Barcelona, where you can find an indoor rink. This place is also the home ground of the Barcelona team. For more information click here.



Christmas Markets

There are various Christmas markets in Barcelona that will satisfy your Christmas needs. Lets take a look at a couple of the best Christmas markets Barcelona has to offer.


Fira de Santa Llúcia

This is a typical traditional Christmas market in Barcelona. The majority of the 300 stalls are selling festive decorations, handmade crafts, jewellery and seasonal trees and shrubs. This Christmas market is very family-friendly as you can find stalls full of presents for the children. This market is located next to Barcelona Cathedral and is open from the end of November till the 23rd of December.

Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Familia

This Christmas market is in front of the city’s most famous monument, La Sagrada Familia. While most Christmas markets have a good location this one takes the win with its impressive scenery as you can see the Sarada Familia in the background. The market itself has plenty to offer such as Christmas trees, jewellery, toys, craft products and Christmas decoration.  It runs till the 24th of December.

Fira de Reis a la Gran Via

La feria de Reyes de la Gran Via, also called ‘Sant Tomàs i Reis’ (St Thomas and Kings) is one of Barcelona´s biggest Christmas and New Year markets for gifts and toys. You can find here anything from handicrafts, toys and food. When you arrive you will smell the Churrerias with hot chocolate straight away. The best dates to visit this market are the 26th of December, the 5th and the 6th of January.



Not only does Barcelona provides plenty of Christmas markets with their wonderful ambience and electric vibes, but it is also an excellent time to shop. There are a lot of special deals, known as Rebaixes (discounts), all over the city. See below for our selection of the best places in town for the ultimate Christmas shopping.


This famous street is a magnet for locals and tourists with its designer stores, sidewalks and outdoor terraces. A couple of the classy names such as Louis Vuitton, Coco Chanel and Gucci can be found among the shops. Start your journey at the new, three-story Apple store across Plaza Catalunya and make your way up while enjoying a mix of affordable stores, high-end stores and high street fashion.



If you’re looking for a bottle of wine for this Christmas there’s a great chance this shop will have it. This shop has the largest wine selection in Barcelona. Vila Viniteca is located in Born, just off Via Laietena. To find the perfect cheese match just go across the street and find its sister store specialized in cheese, aviar, meats, fish and pretty much any high-quality food. Their food experts are a wealth of information, especially when it comes to cheese.


Just down the alleyway from Barcelona Cathedral is La Basílica Galería, a room full of wood-framed glass cupboards that house eclectic jewellery pieces designed by over 200 artists. Each of those pieces carries a nature-inspired motif with a story.

As soon as you enter this unusual Barcelona store, you’re greeted by a sculpture of a seated woman dressed in red rose petals created by Piotr Rybaczek, a Polish artist and La Basílica Galería’s founder. The shop also has a unique artisan perfumery.


Looking for a Christmas gift with a touch of design? Then BeTheStore might be something for you. In this shop you can buy creative, urban and fun design items. This includes a range from clothes, books to the latest tech gadgets.

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