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A Quick Foody guide in Eixample Left (Eixample Esquerra)

Posted by Urbane International on May 6, 2021

A Quick Foody guide in Eixample Left (Eixample Esquerra)

Being such a prominent and vibrant area of the city, Eixample Left is bound to attract a plentiful of culinary businesses. There is a wide variety to choose from, even for the pickiest of connoisseurs. But today, we will only focus on the “gems”.


Opened just a while ago in 2014, this restaurant was created by three head chefs at elBulli – arguably one of the best restaurants in the world. The chefs have taken a creative approach to their way of cooking. It is not simply just cooking, it is pure artistry. You will be amazed by how they took macaroni to another level, made from gelatin, which is tossed in truffle foam and smothered Parmesan right at your table to observe; or the signature transparent pesto ravioli: a triangular, transparent edible bag containing pine nuts, when dipping in into the Parmesan sauce, created a perfect mouthful pesto flavour. Apart from that, there are many to go into details and explain since there are so many to choose from and each dish comes with its own uniqueness that only seeing makes believing. This restaurant is often associated with words


like “world-class” and most of all “fun”, since every customer always left the place with a smile on their face. It was not just the food, it´s how they present it, the intricacies and the effort they put into every detail. The name of the establishment, “disruptor”, even means fun in Spanish. It left even the most difficult person in awe and excitement, anticipating what “stunt” would be pulled off next. With just a really short time of establishment, the place has earned itself 18th place on the list of the worlds’ 50 best restaurants. It is simply a place not to miss.




The restaurant, founded in 2006, is a younger sister to Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian. As of this moment, it has been given 3 Michelin stars and stayed as one of Barcelona´s top restaurants. The establishment offers distinctive, sure-footed cooking at the very highest standards. It is decorated with the most elegant of designs: pale wood, undulating lines. The place offers a variety of options to choose from, pricing from 200 to 300 euros. Every dish will surely satisfy all palates. Among what fascinated me most would be the “La Trufa” – an explosion of earthiness from fermented mushrooms and collard greens, covered on the most interesting of camouflage. It is by far one of the most creative ways of cooking I have seen. The dish is a perfect match with a glass of Emrich-Schönleber Mineral Riesling Trocken 2014, which is offered by the restaurant. “A Palamos prawn”, another dish that I really adore is, what you suggest, freshly cooked prawn with the highest of quality. It is accompanied by coral emulsion and codium seaweed to spice things up. Lasarte surely is one of the gems of Barcelona for all the foodies out there. It is a combination of class and creativity unlike no other.


This is what happens when you are an artsy person who is also into food. ARTTE offers you that, and even more. ARTTE itself is a combination of a cocktail bar, a tapas and small plates restaurant and a live music venue. The service is famously excellent and the quality of drinks is undebatable. What makes the establishment so different from the other two is its combination and food selections. You can come to the place just for a quick snack, or even a full course of small meals while sipping on your cocktail and enjoying the unique music scene. The interior is designed in a really chic and cosy way that captivates all the frequents. Jazz, funk, groove, indie, world music and vinyl listening sessions are frequently held, giving your culinary experience a totally different taste. What´s more, the prices are pretty affordable, averaging 31 euros.



It is a restaurant recommended to me by a local. And you know what? The locals probably know best. It is a busy restaurant frequented by locals of all ages. Semproniana features both typical Spanish cuisines, local delicacies with even some French elements. The colour and happy vibe captured my attention, setting the mood for a positive experience. The most unique of all, the menu was printed on glass bottles, featuring 3 sizes options: Small, medium and extra-large with corresponding prices. The highlight of my night was probably the shrimp tartar and the black rice. Also, watch out for the huge desserts! Semproniana has kept true to itself, being one of the popular eateries in the area.


Uma is a unique restaurant that offers a mix of international and Mediterranean cuisine with renowned creative twists. The slogan that they have for the place is “cooking is not enough”. The restaurant is highly considered as one of the top 10 to visit in Barcelona. It prides itself on its intimate settings and personal flavours. The area of the business only contains about 10 tables with an open kitchen for you to see the chef at work. What´s interesting is that all the guests are put into a time slot and served together, giving the diners a totally different experience. You will be carefully explained how each dish is made and presented as a beautiful work of art. While being a tasting menu restaurant, Uma offers a more relaxed range of pricing with the average being around 75 euros.



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